Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Install Netapp simulator on Virtualbox

Netapp simulator provides almost the full function of real Netapp filer, but the simulator can only run on Linux. So I installed the simulator on Centos 5.2 within Virtualbox. The installation went well, But I couldn’t ping Netapp from Centos, I almost gave it up after numerous attempt until I found out the Netapp’s “Parent OS” is not supposed to access Netapp by design, (VMWARE doesn’t has the restriction). So I have to access Netapp from my host OS(Windows XP).

Netapp supports two Virutalbox network type: Host network and internal network. After setup Netapp, don’t bother to ping Netapp from its “Parent OS”. Just try to access from your host OS(Host Network type) or another instance of Guest OS (internal network type, network name must be the same)

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