Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zenoss monitor Windows Server 2008 via WMI

Zenoss supports Windows SNMP, it can get partition and interfaces infomation, but it couldn't get CPU/MEMORY info. WMI script can get almost any info in Windows. Zenoss supports Windows WMI by zenpack
The agent account in remote Windows Server doens't need to be admin user as long as following previleges granted.

Enable DCOM
The easy way is to add the user to group "Distributed COM users"

Alternatively, grant specific rights to the user
Start DCOM GUI by DCOMCNFG command-> Component Services -> Computers->Right-click My Computer, and then select Properties->COM Security tab
Give access permission and launch and activation permission.

Enabling Account Privileges in WMI
Computer Management -> Services and Applications-> WMI Control->right click select Properties->Security
Select CIMV2 under root

Select security button add new user with
Enable Account
Remote Enable

Allowing WMI through the Windows Firewall
Allow pre-defined rule: Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

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