Thursday, March 4, 2010

Change Solaris user password with Expect script

Changing Linux user password  without user keyboard input  is very easy by  builtin command "chpasswd "or "passwd --stdin".
Solaris doesn't have such commands , the result can be achieved  by Expect script.

#Expect script
#!/usr/local/bin/expect --
# Input: username password
set USER [lindex $argv 0]
set PASS [lindex $argv 1]

if { $USER == "" || $PASS == "" } {
puts "Usage: ./scriptname username password\n"
exit 1

spawn sudo passwd $USER
expect "assword:"
send "$PASS\r"
expect "assword:"
send "$PASS\r"
expect eof

#Shell script: Generate a random password and call the Expect script to set it


# Generate a random password  for a user and set the new password
PASS=`tr -dc [:alnum:] </dev/urandom | fold -8 | head -1`
if [ -z "$USER" ]; then
echo "Usage $0 username"

echo "username=$USER"

echo "password=$PASS"

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