Saturday, May 28, 2011

Passed 2/5 RHCA: EX436 Clustering and Storage Management

EX436 is easier than EX442(System Monitoring and Performance Tuning), because testing subjects are less and the method of testing is just straight forward setup and configuration, unlike EX442, which requires extensive analysis and calculation.
I didn't pay attention to RHEL release during exam, But,RHEL 5.4,is showed in my exam result. Although GFS2 is default starting from RHEL 5.3, GFS is the subject to be tested. I think it won't  be changed until RHEL 6 courseware comes out.

My blog post for EX436 study notes

GFS(Global File System) quickstart

RHCS(Red Hat Cluster Suite) quorum disk

RHCS(Red Hat Cluster Suite) I/O fencing using SNMP IFMIB

Do we really need to set partition type to fd(Linux auto raid) for Linux software RAID?


  1. Can EX436 be prepared in an virtual env? Seems it is not easy to find a fencing device.

  2. Any virtualization technology, Xen/Virutalbox/Vmware, can be used to prepare EX436. Xen is preferred, because RHCS has good support for XEN XVM fencing.

    Nevertheless, RHCS is running fine without any fencing device.

  3. thks for these gr8 notes. i need ur help in setting up a 2 node cluster with fencing and quorom disk. resource - virtual box, openfiler. Have been trying this from long, but going wrong somewhere.

  4. setup a basic working RHCS, then add fencing and quorum disk.

    The only fencing device working on Virtual box is probably iSCSI network port fencing using IF MIB

    ##add iSCSI network port fencing using IF MIB
    ##add quorum disk

  5. thanks honglus... could you pls help me with the GFS part. Would be helpful if you take apache as a reference to explain. Thnks in advance.

  6. #After you setup GFS, There is nothing tricky to add GFS resource in RHCS, It can be treated as generic file system resource or GFS resource
    #GFS quick start

  7. Is this exam given on rhel5 or rhel6

  8. >>Is this exam given on rhel5 or rhel6
    my post already mentioned it. It is RHEL 5.4

  9. Thanks . Its really a great helpfull post.
    Any idea what sort of fencing we should practice from exam point of view ?