Sunday, March 24, 2013

Configure multipath on Solaris 11 for IBM V7000 SAN storage

IBM V7000 is not listed from command “mpathadm show mpath-support”, but it is still supported, Solaris 11 mpxio supports any third party storage device that is T10/T11 standards-compliant.
Procedures to setup multipath
#Setup zoning in SAN switch
#Login to V7000 management UI to map Solaris host to the volume, select host type ‘TPGS’
#Rescan new SAN disks without rebooting
$cfgadm -o force_update -c configure cX (X is the port id as shown cfgadm -al)
#verify SAN disks are detected.
#create scsi_vhci.conf
#scsi_vhci.conf doesn’t need to customized, scsi-vhci-failover-override parameter is optional, IBM V7000 is detected as f_tpgs with the standard probe.
$cp /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf /etc/driver/drv/scsi_vhci.conf

#Obtain the device path of the fc ports of a single HBA
$ls -l /dev/cfg
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          60 Feb 28 10:20 c4 -> ../../devices/pci@400/pci@2/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0:fc
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          62 Feb 28 10:20 c5 -> ../../devices/pci@400/pci@2/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0,1/fp@0,0:fc

the path needed is the string between ./devices/ and fp@, so the paths are  

#Create fp.conf
cp /kernel/drv/fp.conf /etc/driver/drv/fp.conf
#edit fp.conf to enable multipath for the two fc ports only
name="fp" parent="/pci@400/pci@2/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0" port=0 mpxio-disable="no";
name="fp" parent="/pci@400/pci@2/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0,1" port=0 mpxio-disable="no";
#run the command to enable multiple path on fc ports only, server will need to be rebooted.
$stmsboot –u –D fp

$ echo| format will show only a single disk
$stmsboot -L
non-STMS device name                    STMS device name
/dev/rdsk/c4t50050768024046D8d0 /dev/rdsk/c0t6005076802830163A000000000000005d0
/dev/rdsk/c4t50050768022046D9d0 /dev/rdsk/c0t6005076802830163A000000000000005d0
/dev/rdsk/c5t50050768022046D8d0 /dev/rdsk/c0t6005076802830163A000000000000005d0
/dev/rdsk/c5t50050768024046D9d0 /dev/rdsk/c0t6005076802830163A000000000000005d0
$mpathadm list lu
                Total Path Count: 1
                Operational Path Count: 1
                Total Path Count: 1
                Operational Path Count: 1
                Total Path Count: 4
                Operational Path Count: 4
$mpathadm show lu /dev/rdsk/c0t6005076802830163A000000000000005d0s2

#the disk is deteced as f_tpgs as shown in messages log
$grep f_ /var/adm/messages
Mar 21 13:56:46 dnmsovm1 scsi: [ID 583861] ssd4 at scsi_vhci0: unit-address g6005076802830163a000000000000005: f_tpgs