Thursday, June 20, 2013

VMware PowerCLI: Map datastore name to LUN devicename.

It is not obvious as it is thought to be to map datastore name to LUN devicename in native PowerCLI codes,
The  esxcli interface exposed to PowerCLI  make it very easy.(Tested in ESXi 5.0)
PowerCLI>$esxcli=get-esxcli -vmhost esx01
PowerCLI>$ | ft devicename,volumename -autosize

DeviceName                           VolumeName
----------                           ----------
naa.600601605bc02e00007fb97cacbee211 datastore01
naa.600601605bc02e00fac8cd88acbee211 datastore02

Script to automatically partition a new disk and create LVM PV

It is a very common task to create a single partition on  whole disk  and create LVM PV, How to automate it?

fdisk doesn't support making partition in script mode, sfdisk can, but it is not as good as the powerful parted tool. parted can also optimize partition alignment automatically(parted -a optimal).

#Create a single primary partiton with whole disk size and create LVM PV on it
if [[ -z $disk ]]; then
 echo "Usage: $0 disk device name: e.g $0 /dev/sdb"

if [[ -e ${disk}${partno} ]]; then
 echo "==> ${disk}${partno} already exist"

echo "==> Create MBR label"
parted -s $disk  mklabel msdos
ncyl=$(parted $disk unit cyl print  | sed -n 's/.*: \([0-9]*\)cyl/\1/p')

if [[ $ncyl != [0-9]* ]]; then
 echo "disk $disk has invalid cylinders number: $ncyl"

echo "==> create primary parition  $partno with $ncyl cylinders"
parted -a optimal $disk mkpart primary 0cyl ${ncyl}cyl
echo "==> set partition $partno to type: lvm "
parted $disk set $partno lvm on
partprobe > /dev/null 2>&1
echo "==> create PV ${disk}${partno} "
pvcreate ${disk}${partno}