Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Create restricted login account

Create a login in restricted shell and doesn’t allow user to change password.

rsh is a limiting version of the standard command inter-
preter sh, used to restrict logins to execution environments
whose capabilities are more controlled than those of sh (see
sh(1) for complete description and usage).

The actions of rsh are identical to those of sh, except that
the following are disallowed:

changing directory (see cd(1)),

setting the value of $PATH,

pecifying path or command names containing /,

redirecting output (> and >>).

Set restricted shell as login shell

usermod -s /usr/lib/rsh userid
usermod -s /usr/bin/rbash userid

Set minimum number of days between password changes to large number, so user can’t change password until min days

passwd -n 9999 –x 9998 userid
(Solaris needs to set both Min Max days and Min is greater than Max)
passwd –n 9999 userid

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