Monday, December 14, 2009

NFS/Samba alternative: Mount remote directory over SSH.

It is possible to mount a remote directory as a local file system through SSH by using SSHFS, which is based on FUSE: a library to create filesystems in userspace. There are many other files system based on FUSE .


Secure and easy to setup, only client side needs install SSHFS and FUSE, the server side just needs SSH server with sftp support.


Performance Penalty, because data transferred has to be encrypted and decrypted, which is time consuming and CPU intensive.


Search and install sshfs using package management tool of your Linux flavour.


- Mount any remote dir:

sshfs user@server:dir /mnt/sshfs

Only root and users in fuse group can use this command.

- Unmount sshfs

fuserumount -u /mnt/sshfs


umount /mnt/sshfs (root user only)

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