Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tune nscd(name service cache daemon)

nscd provides caching for the passwd,group,and hosts tables, it can boot performance for situations, in which the tables need to be serviced remotely  e.g. LDAP authentication and DNS.
However, sometimes, it cause trouble.In Red Hat Linux 5 , nscd always return the old entry until the TTL(default is 1hour) is reached, even restarting nscd won’t flush the cache.
There are two solutions:
1.Disable persistent caching
#Persistent caching is enabled by default
$cat /etc/nscd.conf
persistent              passwd          yes
persistent              group           yes
persistent              hosts           yes
positive-time-to-live   hosts           3600
#So the entries are saved to relative tables
$rpm -ql nscd
#change them to no
persistent              passwd          no
persistent              group           no
persistent              hosts           no
With persistent caching disabled, restart nscd will discard the entries in memory.
2.Flush entries by invalidating the  table 
The entries in tables (group/passwd/hosts) can manually flushed by the ‘invalidate ‘parameter.
$nscd --invalidate=hosts
Since it is natural for anyone to try restart nscd to resolve the issue and the operation of rebuilding cache is not expensive, I think option 1 is better.


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